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I had been thinking about it for so long… I wanted to design gore and freak t-shirts that only climbers could understand. I was sick and tired of the typical climber stuff made by other brands – too technical and expensive! The designs from punk and metal bands that I used to wear when I was a teen came to my mind and the skateboarding decks as well. I’d always loved that stuff: skulls, blood, guts, bones and tattoos!! Climbing is an aggressive sport – risky and dangerous – however, the produced designs all look the same, too technical or too hippy. I’m not one of those – I like punk, metal and tattoos but also rock climbing, bouldering…the adrenaline, the obsession, the fear and the pain. We, rock climbers, are not all the same so we can’t all wear the same clothes. I want to share my designs with all the people who share my point of view and like this sport as much or even more than me!!

Xavier Peregrina